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Sep 19

Missouri’s Constitutional Carry: The Sky is Falling!

A Victory for the 2nd Amendment It’s been in the news with strange regularity this week, with both pro and against articles being written about it: Missouri has become the 11th state in the Union to pass a (mostly) constitutional carry bill, and the third to do it in 2016 (the other two being Idaho …

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Aug 02

Revolver vs. Semi-Automatic

If you really want a tale as old as time (well, almost), look no further than the debate between revolvers and semi-automatics! Militaries and police forces the world over debated this for decades, and today the argument has been kept alive by firearms enthusiasts and concealed carriers. Though the first qualification is always, “What are …

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Jun 14

A Quick Note on the Orlando Tragedy

I honestly regret having to type the following words, and indeed I hoped that the recent events would not cause me to do so. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of ignorance and misrepresentation that I’ve seen from those against the 2nd Amendment compels me to write a counterpoint in the hope of enlightening at least a …

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Mar 21

The Future is Now! Smart Guns!

Nearly everything in today’s society is going wireless. It seems that with every new day, we have more people buried in their smartphones rather than engaging in face-to-face communication. Now, I can’t say that I’m entirely innocent of this phenomenon, but where does it end? Never? Should everything be made wireless and/or internet accessible? How …

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Feb 28

Guns! Betcha Can’t Have Just One!

I own a certain number of guns. Generally, I keep that number to myself. However, on occasion I’ll toss a random estimate out there to family or trusted friends, and even open up my safe for an episode of show-and-tell. And nearly every time, the same few scenarios play out: For my friends/family interested in …

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