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Greetings, comrade! I don’t know who you are, or from where you’ve come, but you’re welcome here at the Soviet Revolver. This is a blog dedicated to everything about firearms: from history, to politics, reviews, theoretical discussions, and as much else as I can insert into the pages to come.

My interest in firearms began with the acquisition of my first rifle – a Chinese Type 56 SKS. In the beginning of my collection, I mainly purchased military surplus weapons and enjoyed learning the history of each one, as well as being able to shoot a piece of history. That’s the beauty of military surplus: who knows where they’ve been? I’m certain they’d have stories to tell if they could talk.

I’ve come to explore and love many other kinds/brands/eras of firearms, but I always come back to old service weapons as my favorites. Don’t let that put you off, however. I have quite an interest in many different breeds of gun, from birdguns to Smith and Wesson revolvers to black powder muskets. If you’re not interested in combloc weapons, don’t fret. There’ll eventually be something for you.

Even if you’re not that interested in firearms, I hope that you find something here to interest you. I intend to write about a variety of subjects with a common theme, and as a result you may find something you enjoy reading and discussing. Even if you’re completely against the very idea of free citizens bearing arms, leave a comment and join the discussion (politely). No matter your opinion, you are welcome to leave your thoughts at the foot of each article. I hope that through my writing, you may come to see the benefits provided by an armed, responsible society.

I look forward to providing you with subliminal worthwhile information!


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    Very interesting. I enjoyed reading this.

    1. sovietrevolver@gmail.com

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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